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    Sell A Restaurant

    Did you know that SellRest.com is the only F&B specialised platform in the entire MENA region to connect buyers & investors with F&B sellers. We made sure you can stand out from the crowd.

    Advertise your business with SellRest.com

    Buy A Restaurant

    Did you know that by 2014 SellRest.com will reach out to over 100,000,000 website users out of the 523,000,000 that lives in the MENA region. And the best thing, NO Middleman.

    Browse genuine businesses for sale

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    Franchise Your F&B Business

    Did you know that you can expand your business overseas with Sellrest.com. The IMF predicts that the MENA region will become an emerging "Market Leaders". Connect to High Net-Worth Individuals from around the region.

    Explore new opportunities beyond the horizons

    Get Spotted By Investors

    Did you know that if you have a great business concept, you can post your project on SellRest.com and find investors from around the world. Own your own business.

    The best part it is FREE

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